Ilan Stauber Advocates and Notary Firm

Ilan Stauber Advocates and Notary Firm

The office was established in 1987 by Mr. Ilan Stauber, Advocate and Notary. The office gives judicial and legal services in a large variety of fields. The office specializes in four main legal fields: labour law, civil and commercial law, procedures of execution, arbitration and mediation.

Today the office consists of two other attorneys besides the office owner. 

The character of the office enables the attorneys and the supporting staff to work together as a team, and to give professional services and personal attention to each and every client.

The clientele of the office includes hotels, municipalities, insurance companies and agencies, marketing and distribution firms, manpower agencies, youth boarding schools, vehicle licensing centres & private clients.


BSR City, Tower T (21st Floor)
Yitzhak Rabin Road 4, Petah Tikva
Tel. 03-5101937
fax. 03-5101970